The metal hip flask has a history of one hundred years. More than a hundred years ago, people used tin or silver to make jugs, but they were expensive and could not be produced in large quantities. It was difficult to be accepted by most people, and there were no wineries for canning spirits. Now JWEET uses American ASTM standard 304 stainless steel to produce hip flasks. American ASTM standard 304 stainless steel can meet the food contact standards of various countries in the world, and the made hip flasks can be produced in large quantities and quickly, and are used by many wineries to canned spirits or as promotional gifts for sales.

The stainless steel hip flask sold by JWEET has many specifications of capacity and appearance to choose from. Commonly used appearances are round and flat rectangles. The capacity is from 1OZ\3OZ\5OZ to 64OZ.

According to the needs of customers, stainless steel hip flasks can have many different effects: 1. The appearance of the hip flask can have various colors, 2. The leather with printed patterns can be pasted on the hip flask, 3. The exterior of the hip flask is electroplated with gold and color

The stainless steel hip flasks sold by JWEET can be used for canning various spirits. It can also be used as a gift for promotion. Stainless steel hip flask is not easy to be damaged during long-distance transportation, and will not shrink and crack in cold weather. It is the best packaging for carrying spirits.