JWEET has rich experience in producing ceramic spirit bottles, and there are many styles for customers to choose from. JWEET’s ceramic bottles are very suitable for canned whiskey, cognac, gin, tequila and any other spirits.

As a ceramic bottle manufacturer, JWEET and JWEET PORCELAIN have an excellent product quality control system. Through quality control in all aspects of production, after high temperature firing at 1350 degrees, we will deliver qualified products to customers. Through JWEET's excellent production organization capabilities, ceramic bottles can be produced in large quantities, and the product prices are competitive.

Our ceramic bottle factory can meet the needs of any craft ceramics. The order quantity starts from 3,000 bottles. Compared with any other ceramic bottle manufacturers in the world, the price and quality of JWEET ceramic bottles are excellent. Nowadays, various spirit brands are looking for excellent packaging, and ceramic bottles are a good choice.

The advantage of ceramic bottle manufacturing is that it can be decorated and painted in any form. After confirming the order, the customer does not need to pay any additional mold fees.

JWEET looks forward to cooperating with you!